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Krystle Jackson, 38, expressed her frustration after her 19-year-old daughter, Kayce Jackson, who has SWAN syndrome, was reportedly told she couldn’t enter The Crown and Cushion pub in the town center alone. Kayce, who celebrated her 18th birthday at the pub, has a genetic condition with an unknown diagnosis, and her disability, coupled with the recent incident, left her in tears.

According to Krystle, Kayce, who often visits the pub to say hello to friends, was informed that she could no longer enter unless accompanied by an adult. The new rule initially shared on social media and later deleted, caused distress to Kayce and her mother, who emphasized her daughter’s desire for independence.

Krystle shared her disappointment, stating, “She’s trying to get her independence, and she went back to Wetherspoons in tears. She is childlike for her age but she knows when she’s in the wrong. She wasn’t causing any issues, she just went in to say hello.”

The pub introduced the rule in response to complaints from regulars about certain unaccompanied over-18s and children. The now-deleted post mentioned, “A few who are aged over 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

However, The Crown and Cushion later clarified that no adult needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. An employee explained, “We don’t stop anyone aged 18 or over from drinking here, and they don’t need adult supervision. Anyone aged 18 or over is welcome to come here for a drink.” The pub acknowledged the confusion and reiterated its commitment to welcoming patrons of legal drinking age without requiring additional supervision.

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