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82-year-old David Haith, a resident of Bournemouth, is grappling with excruciating pain due to a jaw displacement, compelling him to resort to taping his mouth shut at night while awaiting NHS treatment. The retired journalist’s condition has hindered his ability to eat, forcing him to sustain himself primarily on soup during this challenging period.

Haith’s struggle extends to his sleep, where he employs unconventional measures to manage the pain. Taping his mouth and securing a tie around his head have become nightly rituals to prevent his jaw from opening too wide, causing searing pain akin to being jabbed with a “hot poker.” Describing the agony of waking up in pain, Haith emphasizes the desperate measures he’s taking to find relief, reported The SUN.

Despite being referred to a specialist at Poole Hospital, Haith anticipates a prolonged wait for an appointment, potentially spanning months. The uncertainty surrounding the timeline for intervention has led him to explore private options, although he staunchly believes that, having contributed to the NHS throughout his life, he should not be compelled to seek private care.

Expressing frustration over the lack of responsiveness from the hospital’s temporomandibular joints clinic, Haith fears that even after consulting a specialist, he might be redirected back to his dentist for further treatment, prolonging his ordeal. Contemplating a visit to A&E for immediate relief, he is wary of the potential for extended waiting times and a subsequent referral to the same clinic.

I get this searing pain like being jabbed with a hot poker. David Haith

In response to Haith’s plight, a spokesperson for University Hospitals Dorset acknowledged the distress faced by patients awaiting appointments. The statement stressed the hospital’s commitment to minimizing wait times while considering clinical priorities. Encouraging patients to reach out to the patient advice and liaison service, the spokesperson aims to address concerns and provide support during the waiting period.

Haith’s ordeal sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals navigating the healthcare system, emphasizing the delicate balance between timely care and the complex nature of clinical prioritization.

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