(Picture: Facebook/Alfie Jupp)

Dramatic footage from a Tesco Express store in Fratton, Portsmouth, shows a brave shopper intervening when a violent individual attacked a security worker. The incident, which occurred on a Thursday evening, captured the aggressor physically abusing the staff member in the fruit and veg aisle.

The assailant, seen throwing punches and launching a beer crate at the security officer, continued his assault despite the guard’s attempts to back off and protect himself.

In a second clip, the situation escalates as the attacker hurls another crate of beer at the security worker with no one else intervening. However, a courageous shopper decides to take matters into his own hands. Out of nowhere, he rushes toward the attacker, grabs him by the face and neck, and forcefully slams him onto the supermarket floor.

The shopper instructs the assailant to stay down, emphasizing the presence of children in the store. The incident concludes with the attacker stumbling away, and the security guard retaliates with two swift kicks.

The video, widely shared on Facebook, garnered praise for the shopper who intervened to protect the staff and customers. Hampshire Police responded to the incident, making an arrest and charging a 29-year-old man from Havant with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm, theft from a shop, and possession of a controlled drug of class B.

Tesco acknowledged the incident and is cooperating with the police investigation. The altercation adds to a series of recent incidents in supermarkets, highlighting the challenges faced by retail staff in managing disruptive behavior.

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