Princess Kate, set to celebrate her 42nd birthday tomorrow, has had a birthday she might want to forget, and it’s connected to a significant decision made by Prince William.

Throughout the years, Princess Kate has often marked her birthday with Prince William, beginning from their time at St Andrew’s University in 2001. However, there’s one birthday that likely wasn’t pleasant for the royal, thanks to a decision made by her now-husband in 2008.

In that year, Prince William faced a challenging choice around Kate’s birthday, leaving both his family and his girlfriend surprised. Having completed assignments with various sections of the Armed Forces, he had to decide whether to return to the Household Cavalry or quit the forces to embark on his royal duties full-time.

Surprisingly, the Palace announced that the now-Prince of Wales would join the RAF, catching everyone, including Princess Kate, off guard. Reports at the time speculated that William might propose soon.

Royal author Katie Nicholl, in her book “Kate: The Future Queen,” wrote, “With that single decision, Kate’s life was turned upside down. She had expected a proposal once William had completed his military training, but instead, she was forced to accept that there would be no engagement any time soon. Kate would have to wait even longer.”

Allegedly “privately crushed” and “frustrated,” Princess Kate faced a challenging period as William’s new job involved 18 months of training in Shropshire followed by two years at a remote UK location.

Nicholl wrote, “Was Kate prepared to join him? She supported his desires and ambitions, but privately she was crushed. William was asking her to be an army wife – without the nuptials. Her frustration was understandable.”

The author explained that while William was confident their relationship could withstand the long-distance challenge, Kate found it difficult, especially as their friends were moving forward with their lives, leaving her feeling left behind.

Nicholl continued, “For Kate, it was a step backward. It seemed that everyone was getting married except for her. As she neared her 27th birthday, Kate’s plan to be married with children by the time she was thirty was looking increasingly unlikely.”

In the end, the couple worked through the challenges, and by the close of 2010, they were engaged and happily married in 2011.

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