Alexandra Sakellariou

Alexandra is a journalist in Montreal, Quebec, specializing in celebrity entertainment news. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications over the years, including The Huffington Post, Screen Rant, TheThings, and TheRichest.

Donald Trump Attempts to Mitigate the Risks of His Stand on Abortion Surveillance

Former President Donald Trump seems to have loosened up and shifted his track before the upcoming elections over the catastrophically charged abortion rights law in the States.  In a recent Time interview, Trump was queried about his stance on whether states should be permitted to track women’s pregnancies to ascertain if they’ve undergone an abortion. He attempted to evade the question by suggesting it…

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Mary Trump Alarms Everyone About the ‘Troubling’ Aspects of Uncle Donald Trump’s Trial

Mary Trump, niece of the polarizing figure in American politics, Donald Trump, recently shared her concerns about her uncle’s ongoing legal battle, particularly in light of his aspirations for another shot at the presidency. In a candid interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, Mary opened up about what she sees as a troubling duality within her uncle’s persona. She…

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Donald Trump’s Court Appearances Raise Concerns About His Cognitive Health

Donald Trump has increasingly found himself in courtrooms as his legal team tackles accusations of business fraud related to payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. This legal engagement has reduced his public appearances at rallies, which were previously notable for verbal missteps that fueled ongoing discussions about his cognitive health. Amid these legal battles, observations…

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Prosecutors Allege Mom Hung Daughter Jalayah Eason, 6, in Closet, Beat Her Before She Died

The tragic death of 6-year-old Jelayah Eason has unveiled harrowing details of the extent of her suffering, shedding light on the horrifying circumstances surrounding her demise. In a disturbing turn of events, her mother, Lydia Eason Kumar, stands accused of perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence against her own child, as revealed by the allegations outlined…

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