Youtuber Backpacker Ben recently delved into what has been labeled as “the UK’s worst town,” aiming to uncover the realities beyond its reputation. Spending a night in the town’s “worst-rated hotel,” Ben ventured out to gauge the local sentiments. Accompanied by a friend who described the town as “pretty bad” and home to characters that would “make your blood run cold,” they encountered people who were likened to “zombies.”

Engaging with locals, one resident expressed bluntly, “It’s an absolute sh*thole,” citing issues such as homeless individuals robbing each other and a general lack of friendliness. Ben observed the prevalence of pound stores in Luton and humorously questioned the quality of water features in the town center, wondering if it was sewage.

Critical of dirty and expensive ATMs, graffiti-covered buildings, and the overall rundown appearance of the town, Ben’s footage painted a stark picture of Luton, suggesting a need for revitalization. Scenes of rat traps, litter-strewn streets, abandoned trolleys, stolen bikes, and an empty suitcase reinforced the challenging aspects faced by the town.

Concluding his exploration, Ben couldn’t provide a full opinion but remarked, “Yeah, it’s up there with the worst towns I’ve been to here in the UK.” As he signed off from the town center, he described Luton as “someplace… Blimey, what a place.”

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