Lauren ‘huge drop in donations’ Boebert tries and fails to burn Biden after being roasted to a crisp

President Biden has delivered a scorching burn to the condemned Colorado congresswoman, which unfortunately summoned her up from the underworld as she attempted to hit back at him — only to miss so wildly her fist swung back around to punch herself in the face.

Speaking at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner over the weekend, President Biden criticized claims that “what’s going on in Congress is political theater.” As he argued, “if Congress were a theater, they would’ve thrown out Lauren Boebert a long time ago.”

Anyone else would lay low and lick their wounds after such a stinger of a zinger, but obviously Boebert is not someone who feels shame as you or I do — hence why she was infamously thrown out of the Beetlejuice musical for lewd behavior in the first place. In Bobo’s blinkered mind, this was a prime opportunity to turn the tables on Biden, which she attempted to do with a comeback garnished with the weakest of sauces.

Returning to the old “Biden ran his campaign from his basement” jab from 2020? Come on, Lauren, is that really the best you’ve got? That the man has a house? You’d think someone so obsessed with owning guns would be able to fire better shots.

So it’s no surprise that Boebert’s attempt to deflect from her own moral indecency backfired spectacularly, as the replies to her tweet are full of folks who are extremely confident that it’s Bobo herself who’s about to get thrown out once again very soon.

It seems like Bobo’s off her game all around as her campaign is also recording a massive drop in donations. Boebert must’ve thought moving to a more conservative district from her previous one would only secure her spot in Congress, but it seems her new constituents are less happy to open their wallets than her old ones.

As per Newsweek, Boebert only earned $388,805 from individual donors in the first quarter of 2024. This is a massive drop from last year, as she earned a total of $2.7 million across 2023 — meaning she was averaging well over $500,000 per quarter.

We may have summoned her up from the underworld, but maybe the people will decide to send her back from whence she came this November. As Beetlejuice might say, it’s showtime.

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