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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received a significant boost in his potential return to frontline politics, emerging as the favored candidate among Tory politicians to take on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, according to a recent poll. Conducted by Whitestone Insight and involving 13,534 British adults online between January 23 and February 7, the survey has reignited speculation about Johnson’s comeback amid ongoing political shifts within the Conservative Party.

The poll results indicate that Boris Johnson has become the top contender among Conservative politicians to challenge Sir Keir Starmer, surpassing current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and other prominent Tories. Notably, 28% of respondents expressed support for Johnson against Starmer, while Prime Minister Sunak garnered 25%, highlighting Johnson’s enduring appeal within the Conservative ranks.

Furthermore, the survey revealed a significant willingness among undecided Conservative voters from the 2019 general election to return to the Tories if Boris Johnson were leading the party. This sentiment suggests a lingering loyalty and appeal toward Johnson among the party’s traditional support base, potentially influencing future electoral dynamics, told¬†The Telegraph.

The poll’s significance extends beyond statistical figures, coinciding with renewed discussions about Boris Johnson’s potential comeback following his departure from Parliament amid the “Partygate” scandal. Despite facing scrutiny during his tenure as Prime Minister, Johnson remains a polarizing figure with enduring popularity, evidenced by his consistent presence in political discourse.

This resurgence of support for Boris Johnson aligns with internal debates within the Conservative Party regarding its future leadership and policy direction. Speculations about Johnson’s return gained momentum after current Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak hinted at the possibility, reflecting a growing sentiment within the party in favor of embracing the former Prime Minister’s leadership once again.

Notably, Boris Johnson himself has not ruled out the prospect of a return to frontline politics, as indicated by his previous statement to Daily Express readers, where he vowed, “I’ll be back.” The fluidity of the political landscape is underscored by his spokesman’s statement that they have “ruled nothing in or out,” reflecting the evolving dynamics within the Conservative Party.

The poll results, coupled with increasing endorsements and expressions of support from influential party figures and grassroots supporters, suggest a growing momentum behind the idea of Boris Johnson making a political comeback. While uncertainties persist regarding the timing and manner of Johnson’s potential return, the findings indicate that his comeback could potentially reshape the UK political landscape in the coming years. As speculation continues and political dynamics evolve, all eyes remain on Boris Johnson and his next steps on the path to a possible comeback in British politics.

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