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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently weighed in on the possibility of Donald Trump’s return to leadership, suggesting that it could be precisely what the world needs. In his regular column for the Daily Mail, Johnson argued that if Trump were to support Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia, it could potentially result in a significant victory for global stability.

While acknowledging Trump’s previous statements casting doubt on continued support for Kyiv and his close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Johnson, a strong advocate for Ukraine, expressed confidence that Trump would not betray the war-torn nation. Johnson speculated that Trump might recognize the futility of negotiating with Putin and instead focus on providing Ukraine with the necessary resources to achieve victory.

According to Johnson, such a move by Trump could strengthen the West and contribute to global stability. The former Tory leader emphasized the need for a US leader who is willing to use force and unpredictability as a substantial deterrent to the enemies of the West.

Despite Trump’s past NATO-skeptic views, Johnson cited the former president’s claim that he could end Russia’s war on Ukraine within 24 hours. President Volodymyr Zelensky even invited Trump to visit Kyiv, expressing hope that his intervention could bring a swift end to the conflict.

In his column, Johnson acknowledged the controversies surrounding Trump, who is currently facing 91 felony charges across four criminal cases. However, Johnson expressed a favorable view of Trump’s leadership style, denying claims that he is a ‘would-be dictator’ despite allegations related to the Capitol riot following his 2020 election loss.

Johnson took a mocking tone towards those expressing concerns about Trump’s resurgence in US politics, particularly highlighting reactions to Trump’s status as the Republican front-runner and his recent victory in the Iowa caucuses. He also asserted that Trump is interested in pursuing a ‘proper free trade deal’ with post-Brexit Britain, suggesting potential areas of collaboration between the former president and the UK.

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