In response to the surprising disclosure from Buckingham Palace regarding King Charles’s benign prostate condition, Queen Camilla has chosen to address the public, providing an update on her husband’s well-being.

She assured concerned fans that he is ‘fine’ and eagerly anticipates returning to his duties following his upcoming prostate procedure next week. Camilla, breaking the royal silence, became the first to speak out since the revelation of both the Princess of Wales undergoing an abdominal operation and King Charles’s impending hospitalization.

During the inauguration of a new ‘Safe Space’ at Aberdeen Art Gallery, an initiative aimed at offering assistance and guidance to those suspecting someone is experiencing domestic abuse, she shared her thoughts on her husband’s health, told Daily Mail.

Offering reassurance, Camilla stated, ‘He’s fine, thank you very much. Looking forward to getting back to work.’ Despite this update on King Charles, she remained tight-lipped about Princess Kate’s health, who is currently spending a second night in the hospital following significant abdominal surgery.

Presently situated at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire, where the King had a series of planned meetings and events scheduled for Thursday and Friday, Camilla revealed that these engagements have been postponed on the advice of his medical team. Meanwhile, Prince William, who temporarily stepped away from parental responsibilities, breathed a sigh of relief after reuniting with his wife on Thursday.

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