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In a reassuring update, Queen Camilla has confirmed that King Charles is recovering well following his successful enlarged prostate surgery at the London Clinic on Friday. As reported by BBC‘s Chris Ship, Camilla expressed, “He’s fine, thank you,” upon leaving the hospital in the evening.

Buckingham Palace issued an official statement earlier on Friday, expressing gratitude for the outpouring of good wishes and sharing the Monarch’s satisfaction that his diagnosis has positively contributed to public health awareness.

The initial announcement on January 17 informed the public of King Charles’ admission to the hospital for enlarged prostate treatment. The statement highlighted, “In common with thousands of men each year, The King has sought treatment for an enlarged prostate.”

According to the Palace’s spokesperson, “The Majesty’s condition is benign, and he is scheduled to undergo a corrective procedure next week. Consequently, the King’s public engagements will be temporarily postponed to allow for a brief period of recuperation.”

It’s noteworthy that Princess Kate, another senior royal figure, is concurrently recuperating at the same hospital following her recent abdominal surgery, adding an element of simultaneous health concerns within the royal family. The latest updates on both royals’ conditions indicate a period of recovery and respite for these prominent figures.

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