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The Met Office has weighed in on weather maps forecasting a potential five-day episode of ‘Beast from the East,’ reminiscent of the notorious 2018 event. Currently grappling with the aftermath of Storm Henk, which brought intense winds and heavy rain, Brits face continued challenges with ongoing showers contributing to flooding in various regions.

This week’s unsettled weather, driven by a low-pressure system from the Atlantic, is expected to shift away, making room for a high-pressure system. While this change signals a likely end to rain, it also forecasts a significant drop in temperatures.

The potential for a “snow bomb” arises from the phenomenon known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW), the same culprit behind the 2018 Beast from the East. SSW involves a rapid warming, up to approximately 50°C in just a couple of days, observed in the stratosphere, between 10 km and 50 km above the Earth’s surface, affecting the jet stream.

Maps from WX Charts suggest parts of the UK may experience up to seven centimeters of snow on January 14, with predictions indicating continued accumulation over the subsequent five days. By January 16, snowfall could reach up to 26 centimeters, potentially peaking at 37 centimeters in certain areas by January 18.

The Met Office’s update from January 7 to January 16 underscores falling temperatures and an elevated likelihood of snow. The statement mentions: “As temperatures fall, the chance of any precipitation falling as sleet and snow increases, particularly over high ground and especially over northern parts of the UK, but not exclusively so by any means. As well as frost and ice by night, some freezing fog is likely to develop as well.”

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