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Shoppers are expressing astonishment as Co-op announces the discontinuation of its existing reward points scheme, where members receive 2p for every £1 spent. Instead, the supermarket plans to introduce a ‘significantly increased’ range of member-exclusive prices and deals, effective from January 24. Branded food purchases will no longer accrue rewards after this date.

However, Co-op assures customers that the rewards accumulated until now will not vanish abruptly. Shoppers have until December 31 to redeem these rewards at Co-op stores, or they can opt to donate them to a local cause.

Members were informed of these changes via email, emphasizing the introduction of ‘exclusive Member Prices across food, insurance, funeral care, and legal services.’ Co-op urges customers to download the Co-op UK app to access rewards and benefits, including an ‘exclusive meal deal price for members,‘ set at £3.50 or less.

While some shoppers express disappointment and label the change as a ‘shame,’ Co-op’s official account responds, stating that the move is part of the supermarket’s shift to lower member pricing across nearly 200 everyday essentials.

The decision coincides with an upcoming investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into supermarket reward schemes, including Clubcard and Nectar. The CMA aims to scrutinize the impact of loyalty pricing on consumers and competition, questioning whether non-members are disadvantaged and assessing the schemes’ impact on price comparisons. This development raises questions about the future of loyalty card discounts, potentially contributing to the Co-op’s decision to discontinue its reward points scheme.”

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