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Comedian’s Jokes Spark Outrage Among Meghan Markle Fans

Fans of Meghan Markle expressed their outrage over jokes made by comedian Simon Brodkin, describing them as “cheap” and demanding that he “do better.” In a video uploaded by Brodkin, he shared his views on the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, making remarks that did not sit well with Meghan’s supporters.

Brodkin began by expressing his initial desire to like the royal couple but claimed that by the end of their interview, he found himself “rooting for Prince Andrew.” He specifically referenced Harry’s description of a date with Meghan as the night they “pulled the pin on a fun grenade.”

Meghan’s fans voiced their displeasure on social media, with one user expressing concern about the hate directed at Meghan, leading to death threats. Another commented that the jokes were in poor taste and questioned the choice of making cheap jokes about Harry and Meghan.

The backlash from Meghan’s supporters coincides with ongoing discussions about how the couple will navigate the year 2024. Meanwhile, Prince William’s past antics at a Royal Family party, including a memorable water fight, resurfaced in a separate interview with former royal butler Grant Harrold. Additionally, as King Charles receives advice on how to approach 2024, a royal historian suggests that distancing himself from controversies and continuing to lead the monarchy would be the best course of action.”

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