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Rishi Sunak Faces Accusations of Misleading Public on Asylum Claims Success

Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, is under fire for alleged falsehoods and deception regarding his claims of successfully clearing the backlog of asylum seeker cases. Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Brexit Party, criticized Sunak, stating that the Prime Minister has “failed us all” and labeled his asylum scheme a “scandal” and a “disgrace.”

Sunak announced on Monday that he had surpassed his target by processing over 92,000 asylum claims in 2023, making 77,000 final decisions, with 67 percent granted refugee status. He touted this as a “record-breaking” achievement, saving taxpayer money and supporting vulnerable individuals while reducing strain on public services.

However, Farage countered Sunak’s assertions, deeming them “misleading” and accusing him of “gaslighting” the public. Farage argued that Sunak hurriedly processed asylum claims without proper scrutiny, providing a “loophole” for rejected asylum seekers to remain in the UK. He further claimed that Sunak had not deported illegal migrants arriving via small boats across the English Channel, failing to halt the influx of new arrivals.

Farage expressed disappointment, stating, “The Conservatives have failed us all. Rishi Sunak does not want to do whatever it takes to stop the boats.”

Farage’s accusations found support from sources within the Home Office, alleging that the government considered a “full amnesty” for migrants awaiting claims. These sources claimed that many migrants had disappeared within the UK, and accused the government of using “smoke and mirrors” to manipulate figures. They contended that junior staff without proper training or oversight made the majority of final decisions.

Critics argue that Sunak’s asylum policy, including the plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, has faced opposition from human rights groups, legal experts, and some ministers within his own government. The policy, inherited from predecessor Boris Johnson, raised concerns due to allegations of human rights violations by Rwanda. Sunak defended the move as necessary to deter illegal immigration and address the asylum case backlog in the UK.

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