(Picture: AP)

In a dramatic courtroom incident, Deobra Delone Redden, 30, returned to court heavily restrained after assaulting Clark County Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. The shocking attack occurred last week when Redden, denied bail, violently lunged at the judge, resulting in a chaotic scene captured in a viral video. On Monday, Redden, clad in a spit hood, orange mittens, and shackles, faced his sentencing wearing heavy restraints, escorted by marshals. Judge Holthus, who could not complete the sentencing last week, sentenced Redden to 19-to-48 months in prison for a baseball bat assault in April, with additional administrative fees.

Despite the sentence, Redden faces further charges related to the assault on Judge Holthus, necessitating his appearance before a different judge on Tuesday. In last week’s plea for probation, Redden claimed to be someone consistently striving to do the right thing but was denied due to his extensive criminal history. Holthus, who endured physical assault with her hair pulled and head slammed against a wall, received medical treatment but returned to work the next day.

The court records, obtained by KLAS, revealed Redden’s disturbing statement post-attack, suggesting he was having a bad day and had intended to harm the judge. Redden accused the judge of having a vendetta against him, expressing a belief that she was “evil.” The entire incident sheds light on the challenges judges face and the potential dangers they encounter while carrying out their duties.

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