cancer diagnosis

Yasir Masood, a 42-year-old father diagnosed with bile duct cancer, is seeking alternative treatment in the hope of extending his life. Initially presenting with itchy skin, Yasir was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer more commonly found in individuals over 65.

Despite undergoing an operation in March, the cancer had spread locally, prompting his oncologist to recommend chemotherapy, which offers limited success for bile duct cancer patients.

Facing the reality of a terminal diagnosis, Yasir and his family have turned to Dendritic Cell Therapy, a treatment aiming to generate tumor-specific immunity in patients with advanced cancer.

Scheduled for January 16 at a clinic in London, the therapy comes with a substantial cost of £30,000. Yasir’s family has already raised £10,000 and launched a GoFundMe campaign to gather additional funds, currently standing at over £10,750.

Yasir’s wife, Yasmine Chaudhry, expressed the family’s devastation and highlighted the drastic change in their lives. Despite choosing palliative care, there is hope that the Dendritic Cell Therapy could offer Yasir a better quality of life and extend his time with his two daughters, six-year-old Nawaal and 15-year-old Zoya.

Yasmine emphasized their positive approach to the situation, aiming to keep life as normal as possible and expressing gratitude for the support received. The family encourages donations to help fund Yasir’s treatment, providing him with a fighting chance and more precious time with loved ones. To support Yasir’s fundraising appeal.

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