Donald Trump ‘losing control of basic functions’ in court as psychologist claims behavior like dementia

Former President Donald Trump appears to be losing control of basic bodily functions in court as a psychologist says the behaviors, including falling asleep and farting, are “consistent with a diagnosis of dementia”

As Donald Trump drags himself into court every day to face his hush money trial, he’s constantly exhibiting behavior “consistent with a diagnosis of dementia,” a psychologist claimed.

At least five out of the seven days the former president has appeared in court over recent weeks, he was seen falling asleep at the defense table, nodding off every few minutes as his lawyers desperately attempted to wake him, reporters inside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse revealed.

“He can’t control it,” Dr. John Gartner told, explaining, “To uncontrollably fall asleep during the day is something that’s very common among patients with dementia.”

Gartner, a psychologist who served as a part-time assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School for 28 years, said falling asleep in a courtroom is “so rare that it actually begs for an explanation.”

As a defendant, Trump is likely pumped full of adrenaline, which, in the average human body, would keep any person awake. He explained, “The natural stress response of adrenaline is one that, even if we’re exhausted, it gives us another boost of energy. So, anybody who’s in that position, you could see why it would be so unusual for them to fall asleep.”

A defendant falling asleep in court is “literally so uncommon, it’s basically unheard of.” Gartner said he’s spoken with several lawyer friends who each told him that they’ve never seen a defendant falling asleep in court during their entire careers.

“I’ve fallen asleep at the opera or whatever,” the 66-year-old joked. “But he’s fallen asleep five out of the seven days. If he did it once, you might say, ‘Oh, he had a bad night’ or whatever. He can’t fall asleep. That’s different.”

Trump currently faces 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records in an attempt to hide a $130,000 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels during his time as president. Daniels, during Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency was ultimately successful, claimed that she had an affair with the businessman back in 2006 in Nevada.

The theory was that her claims could harm Trump’s campaign, so he and his team worked to silence her. It was his former attorney turned nemesis Michael Cohen who actually paid her, court records allege.

At the stage of dementia Gartner claims Trump has reached, the businessman has lost all autonomy over his sleep-wake functions as a result of the “deterioration” his brain has undergone. “Literally, if his life depended on it, which it kind of does, he can’t control it,” Gartner said.

He reasoned that Trump knows it looks bad for him to fall asleep in court and would otherwise not be doing so if he had any control left — but he simply can’t keep himself awake, no matter how hard he tries.

“He knows this is serious,” Gartner reasoned. “The one thing Donald Trump fears more than anything else is to look weak or to look like a loser. He knows that falling asleep in court makes him look weak.”

Trump has been “chastised” by his lawyers repeatedly for the action and humiliated publicly as well, taking aim last week at New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who was the first to write that the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency had fallen asleep at the defense table.

Trump’s courtroom naps aren’t the only behaviors of the former president to garner attention in the courtroom, however. He is also rumored to fart constantly, letting out several gaseous excretions each day.

It’s not confirmed whether Trump has actually been farting in court or not, but American late-night comedy shows like those hosted by Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel have discussed the alleged farts and made fun of them even as X explodes with people talking about them.

“This thing about the farting — obviously, it was a big joke on Twitter and late-night comedy and whatnot, but again, we really have to put these things into clinical context. This means something,” Gartner said. “He seems to be losing control of basic biological functions right in front of our eyes.”

Gartner emphasized that both the napping and the farting are “consistent with a diagnosis of dementia” because both “would suggest that he’s losing control over his basic bodily functions — sleep, wake, excretion.”

And, the incidents are only slated to worsen, Gartner said, as dementia is a progressive condition and “not something that somebody can control” or cure, though it can sometimes be mitigated with proper treatment. “It’s gonna keep exposing itself in more and more uncontrollable ways, in more and more unconcealable ways,” he warned, and that can only bode negatively for Trump.

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