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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross faced a disruptive incident during a live appearance on Channel 4 news in Edinburgh, where a passerby shouted offensive language at him from a car window. Ross had been discussing Scottish independence following a hearing of the UK Covid Inquiry. The interruption prompted a quick apology from Channel 4 for the use of foul language on air.

The incident occurred after former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who played a leading role in the Scottish Government’s response to the global health crisis, answered questions for several hours at the inquiry. During the inquiry, Sturgeon admitted to deleting her WhatsApp conversations in 2020 and 2021 and revealed issuing a reprimand to Humza Yousaf during a Cabinet meeting on handling the Omicron variant.

Sturgeon expressed regret for not implementing lockdown measures earlier and denied making pandemic-related decisions for political reasons. She emphasized that she had not thought less about politics during the pandemic and firmly denied that Scottish independence influenced her coronavirus crisis decisions, told Daily Record.

The inquiry disclosed an email indicating concerns within the Scottish Government that Spain might block entry to the EU for an independent Scotland. The message, purportedly from then-deputy first minister John Swinney’s email address but signed off by a civil servant named Scott, raised concerns about Spain’s scrutiny and suggested that political decisions might impact EU membership approval.

Addressing the email at the inquiry, Sturgeon stated that the decisions made during the pandemic were for public health reasons. While acknowledging that some decisions could have been taken differently, she emphasized her commitment to minimizing overall harm caused by the virus and expressed regret for the toll it took on lives in Scotland and across the UK. The ongoing inquiry continues to scrutinize the decision-making processes during the pandemic and their potential political implications.

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