After US Navy helicopters targeted and killed 10 Houthi rebels in Yemen who had attacked a container ship in the Red Sea, militants issued a chilling threat to the United States. The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson warned of “consequences and repercussions” for the US and urged Yemeni citizens to be prepared for all possibilities to counter what they termed as “American escalation” in the region. According to Mirror

“The American enemy bears the consequences of this crime and its repercussions, and that its military movements in the Red Sea,” the spokesperson declared. They called on the people of Yemen and the broader Arab and Islamic nations to be vigilant and ready for all options to confront the perceived escalation by the United States.

The US Central Command confirmed the destruction of three boats and the death of 10 Houthi rebels who attempted to board the Maersk Hangzhou. This incident followed a previous report of the military intercepting two anti-ship ballistic missiles targeting the same vessel by an Iranian-backed militia group.

According to the US Central Command spokesperson, Navy helicopters and the ship’s security team responded to a distress call from the Danish-owned vessel. Attackers in four boats fired small arms weapons at the ship, prompting the helicopters to engage in self-defense. In the ensuing firefight, three of the boats were sunk, and their crews killed, while the fourth boat managed to escape.

The clash occurred after the Singapore-flagged Maersk Hangzhou reported being hit by a missile while traveling through the Southern Red Sea on Saturday night. The vessel is reported to be seaworthy, and no injuries were reported.

The Houthi rebels admitted the loss of 10 fighters in the confrontation and warned of consequences. The rebels, backed by Iran, have previously claimed responsibility for attacks on ships in the Red Sea, linking them to Israel or vessels heading to Israeli ports.

In response to these developments, Maersk announced a temporary halt to their ships’ transits through the Red Sea for the next 48 hours to investigate the incidents and assess the security situation.

The top US naval commander in the Middle East, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, cautioned that Houthi rebels continue their “reckless” attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea. Despite ongoing efforts in Operation Prosperity Guardian, no ships have been targeted in the past 10 days.

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