Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party, has issued a profound warning, underscoring the imperative for Europe to prepare for the potential scenario where the United States may no longer serve as its stalwart defender against looming threats, particularly from Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Characterizing the present as a historic juncture, Weber emphasized the urgent need for Europe to fortify its defenses in the ensuing months. Emphatically, he stressed the necessity of Europe’s ability to defend itself independently, echoing the vision of the EU’s founding fathers and calling for the establishment of a contemporary defense union.

In addition to advocating for increased self-sufficiency, Weber highlighted the pressing need for collaboration in fending off hybrid attacks, particularly in the digital realm from adversaries like Russia and China. He proposed the creation of a dedicated cyber defense brigade to bolster the EU’s resilience against evolving threats, told Daily Express.

Weber, reflecting on his journey to Kyiv, criticized the EU’s sluggish and bureaucratic response to geopolitical challenges, urging a transition to a “war economy” in procurement to expedite support for Ukraine. He lamented the stifling effect of bureaucratic rules and called for decisive action as Europe faced the unsettling prospect of standing alone against potential threats.

In response to these warnings, Weber outlined concrete steps for a robust defense strategy. He advocated for the establishment of a “European pillar of defense” and the creation of a missile defense system capable of countering advanced threats, including drones and high-tech missiles used by Russia.

Weber’s visit to Kyiv also brought attention to the unfulfilled promise of delivering one million rounds of shells to Ukraine. Expressing frustration, he revealed that less than 500,000 rounds had been delivered, attributing the shortfall to political hurdles and bureaucratic inefficiencies.

“The basics are the one million rounds of ammunition that we haven’t delivered as Europeans,” lamented Weber, emphasizing the urgent need for a swift and decisive approach to supporting Ukraine, especially in the face of geopolitical challenges.

As Europe grapples with these critical issues, Weber’s warnings serve as a rallying call for European leaders to prioritize the development of a united and efficient defense strategy in response to the evolving dynamics of the geopolitical landscape.

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