Prince Harry has reportedly altered his travel plans, opting for an expedited return to Los Angeles following a brief visit to the UK. The Duke of Sussex was observed disembarking from a Delta plane at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) around 6:16 p.m. local time on Wednesday, signaling his prompt return to California.

Reports suggest that Prince Harry chose the Delta flight due to a purported two-hour delay in the British Airways flight he originally intended to take. This latest development follows Prince Harry’s initial journey from Los Angeles to London earlier in the week, a response to the distressing news of his father’s recent cancer diagnosis.

Upon learning of the health crisis, Prince Harry reportedly spent only 30 minutes with his father before deciding to return to the United States. The spontaneous visit, undertaken without a formal invitation and on short notice, was said to have caused some unease during the familial encounter.

MailOnline reports that the King expressed dissatisfaction with what he perceived as a “fait accompli served up by an emotional but well-meaning son.” Prince Harry’s surprise visit disrupted the travel plans of the Monarch and Queen Camilla to Norfolk, with Prince Charles meeting Harry at Clarence House but not extending an invitation to stay.

Notably, Prince Harry opted for luxury hotel accommodation during his 24-hour stay in the UK, eschewing a royal residence. The entire episode has left an imprint of disruption on the planned royal engagements and sparked conversations about the dynamics within the royal family.

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