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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, currently immersed in exciting projects for Netflix, are reportedly gearing up for the release of a sequel to their explosive docuseries, setting the stage for intensified tensions within the royal family.

In an interview with The Telegraph, acclaimed publicist Lynn Carratt offered insights into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s potential upcoming content. Carratt remarked, “It appears that Harry and Meghan are channeling their efforts this year into elevating their TV production company, Archewell Productions.

However, the news of Bennett Levine’s departure has left them in search of a new production manager.” For those unfamiliar, Bennett Levine, the manager for the California-based couple’s Archewell Productions, recently confirmed his resignation, stepping down from his role in less than two years.

This development coincides with the mounting financial challenges faced by Harry and Meghan. Lynn suggested that “in the wake of this setback, the couple might be strategizing to secure an extension with Netflix.”

The publicist speculated on Netflix’s expectations, stating that the prominent streaming giant is likely seeking “juicy” content from Meghan and Harry in the form of a feature documentary delving into their royal past. Lynn Carratt went on to propose that the couple’s unscripted shows could potentially encompass a second series of their Harry & Meghan docuseries and a documentary focused on Africa, a project that Harry is reportedly keen to undertake.

As the Duke and Duchess navigate both professional and personal challenges, the evolving narrative suggests a dynamic interplay between their creative pursuits, corporate collaborations, and the complex dynamics within the royal family.

The departure of a key team member and the quest for fresh content underscores the intricacies of their journey, adding layers to the unfolding story of Harry and Meghan’s post-royal life in the media spotlight.

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