Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently launched a new website named, marking their latest foray into the digital realm. This move has stirred speculation and raised eyebrows, with experts suggesting that it may not receive a warm reception at Buckingham Palace.

The couple’s previous online venture,, was introduced in 2020 concurrent with their departure from both the Royal Family and the United Kingdom. However, their latest website has sparked criticism, prompting Royal commentator Michael Cole to express skepticism about its reception within Buckingham Palace, told Daily Mail.

During an appearance on TalkTV’s CrossTalk with hosts Kevin O’Sullivan and Alex Phillips, Cole shared his insights on the potential ramifications of the new website. He conveyed his belief that Buckingham Palace would likely disapprove of this development. Cole commented, “This will have gone down badly at Buckingham Palace. We’re not quite sure how they intend to use this new website, but it will be watched very, very closely because any attempt to use it for commercial purposes will be frowned upon, certainly in this country. It’s certainly just not on and it’s not what you do.”

He further emphasized that such a move by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might be perceived as tone-deaf and counterproductive to their efforts to build bridges. Cole opined that it could be one of the worst possible ways for them to mend relationships, predicting a negative reception.

Delving into the legality of using royal titles or names for commercial purposes, Cole highlighted the restrictions imposed on such actions. He explained, “The first thing to be said about this is that it is illegal to use a royal title or the name of a royal residence for commercial purposes.” Reminding viewers of the agreement made when the Sussexes relocated to Canada and later California, Cole stressed that the honorific titles of Her Royal Highness and His Royal Highness were to be retained but not used for any commercial purpose.

As the controversy surrounding their latest online venture unfolds, the royal couple faces scrutiny and potential repercussions, with their actions being closely monitored both by the public and within the royal circles.

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