Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have unveiled their 2023 Christmas card, showcasing a radiant image of the couple attending the Invictus Games in Germany. Despite the absence of their children, Archie and Lilibet, the card holds a subtle secret message, as noted by a body language expert.

Darren Stanton, representing Betfair Casino, analyzed the card, describing it as having a more “corporate” appearance while conveying the couple’s happiness. Stanton pointed out that the chosen image captures Harry and Meghan in high spirits during the Invictus Games, a significant achievement for them in the past year.

The body language expert emphasized the couple’s enthusiasm, positivity, and hopefulness for the upcoming year, especially in terms of their involvement with new projects and the Invictus Games. Stanton highlighted the couple’s effort to reinforce the strength of their brand.

Comparing the Sussexes’ card to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, which featured a more traditional black and white image of the Wales family, Stanton noted a different approach. He described the Cambridge card as low-key and casual, emphasizing its departure from the glitzy and corporate feel of Harry and Meghan’s card.

While some social media users expressed disappointment over the absence of Archie and Lilibet in the Sussex Christmas card, Stanton suggested that the couple aimed to focus on their achievements and promote their charitable work.

The expert concluded that Harry and Meghan’s decision reflected a strategic choice for a more business-like presentation, distinguishing it from the more personal approach of Prince William and Kate.

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