Prince HarryCredit: Getty

Prince Harry is said to be expressing a keen interest in visiting the royal family, particularly in light of recent revelations regarding the health conditions of King Charles and Kate Middleton, as disclosed by the Palace.

An official statement from Kensington Palace disclosed that the Princess of Wales underwent a meticulously planned abdominal surgery earlier this week, shedding light on the ongoing health concerns within the royal household. Subsequently, another official statement announced that King Charles was scheduled for surgery to address his enlarged prostate, told Vanity Fair.

In the wake of these health updates, a cryptic message shared by the username @MeghansMole on X (formerly Twitter) surfaced, suggesting that the Duke of Sussex may have sought permission from his wife Meghan Markle to visit the UK and check on his family. However, the unverified tip implied that his request was denied.

While the message did not explicitly mention Meghan, it alluded to the former actress’s recent efforts to acquire a residence in Los Angeles amid circulating reports of the couple contemplating a move. The blind item hinted at Harry reaching out to someone in light of the health emergencies but being turned down, with a cryptic reference to another individual attempting to purchase a house but ultimately settling for renting in Los Angeles due to loan qualification issues.

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