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Prince Harry, who reportedly learned about King Charles’ surgical procedure through media sources, is purportedly experiencing a profound sense of “hurt and disappointment” for not receiving direct notification from the palace regarding the monarch’s health concerns.

According to insights shared by relationship expert Louella Alderson with The Mirror, how Harry obtained information about his father’s health issues—via news outlets rather than personalized communication from his family—might have been a shocking experience for him. Alderson expressed that it would be “understandable” if Prince Harry were to harbor feelings of being let down and hurt in light of this revelation.

Providing further analysis, Louella disclosed the possible reasons behind the royal family’s decision not to inform Prince Harry about King Charles’s health scare directly. The expert suggested that underlying trust issues between them could have played a pivotal role in excluding Harry from the immediate circle of information. It was posited that Prince Charles might have intentionally opted for a public announcement of his surgery as a preemptive measure to mitigate speculation and rumors surrounding his health.

Louella Alderson speculated that this public disclosure could have been a strategic move by Prince Charles to safeguard his privacy and exert control over the narrative. The expert underscored that if there exists a lack of trust in the father-son relationship, Prince Charles might have deemed it necessary to maintain a certain distance in divulging personal information.

Nevertheless, the relationship expert held out hope for potential reconciliation between the estranged father-son duo, emphasizing that the current rift between them does not seem to be improving. However, she suggested that challenging times such as those marked by stress and ill health could serve as catalysts for familial closeness. Alderson proposed the notion that Prince Harry might find it within himself to extend a gesture of outreach to his father during a period characterized by health concerns, potentially fostering a resolution to their ongoing discord.

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