Prince Harry(Sky News)

Amidst reports of the Duke of Sussex privately extending support to King Charles and Kate Middleton during their health challenges, Prince Harry is earning appreciation from a royal expert, Sarah Hewson, who serves as Talk TV’s royal editor.

Speaking to Fabulous, Hewson criticized those quick to scrutinize every move made by Harry and Meghan Markle, emphasizing that Harry seems to be in a difficult position, facing criticism regardless of his actions.

Addressing the recent Mirror report suggesting that the Sussexes communicated their concerns to the King and Princess of Wales concerning their surgeries, Hewson defended the couple’s choice to handle such private matters discreetly.

She asserted, “One of the main reasons for this family rift was because the royal family felt Harry and Megan were repeatedly putting private matters into the public domain. These are medical matters, they are private, and Harry has done the right thing by dealing with them behind closed doors if that is the case.”

Hewson emphasized that making a public statement during a recent awards ceremony would have been inappropriate given the nature of the issues. She added, “It would have been both crass and insensitive to make a statement [at the awards ceremony].”

However, despite Harry’s gestures, Hewson remains cautious about the prospect of reconciliation within the royal family. She expressed skepticism, stating, “I just fear the wounds run too deep.” While she believes the King may be more open to reconciliation with his son, she sees a more challenging road ahead for Prince William, emphasizing the depth of his hurt in the current familial dynamics. The complexities of these relationships continue to unfold against the backdrop of ongoing health concerns and familial tensions.

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