A recent report suggests that Prince Harry and Prince William had already experienced a growing rift before Meghan Markle entered the royal family. According to The Time, the divergence between Princess Diana’s sons initially surfaced over their differing opinions on wildlife preservation.

Sources reveal that the royal siblings, both deeply passionate about saving protected species, held distinct views on how to manage conservation projects in Africa. The Prince of Wales purportedly advocated for community-led schemes, emphasizing the empowerment of residents over time to safeguard the land.

In contrast, the Duke of Sussex leaned towards a more hands-on approach, asserting that direct intervention was necessary to rapidly secure and protect wildlife habitats.

The reported discord extends beyond conservation ideologies, with previous accounts highlighting the impact of Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle on the brothers’ relationship. However, this new revelation sheds light on an earlier source of tension rooted in their differing approaches to wildlife preservation.

The Duke of Sussex further delved into the strained relationship in his memoir, “Spare,” making shocking claims about William’s alleged ‘violent’ behavior towards him following a heated argument in 2019.

Additionally, Harry asserted that the future King of the UK labeled Meghan as “rude” and “difficult” during their disagreement, adding another layer to the complexities of the royal family dynamics. The multifaceted nature of these tensions reveals a deeper and longstanding divide between the once-close brothers.

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