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Reports suggest that King Charles is expressing a desire to reconcile with Prince Harry; however, any potential reunion would not involve the Duke of Sussex returning to his ‘royal’ status within the palace.

Since Harry and Meghan Markle departed from the royal family in 2020, the couple, now based in California, has been embroiled in controversy, making outspoken statements against senior royal figures. From the revelations in Harry’s explosive memoir to the recent claims by Omid Scobie about ‘racist royals,’ the couple has consistently garnered negative headlines, straining their relationship with King Charles.

Recent reports indicate that there is an inclination on both sides— the Montecito couple and the Monarch— to resolve their ongoing issues. However, the specifics of how and when this reconciliation might occur remain uncertain. Royal author Robert Hardman shared insights with Newsweek, stating, “I don’t know how and when.

Certainly, on this side of the Atlantic, the door is always open, and there’s so much other stuff going on.” He went on to express that while Charles would welcome Harry back into the family fold, the prospect of him regaining his royal status seems unlikely, and Harry himself may not be inclined to pursue such a return.

Hardman also introduced the idea that the children of the Sussexes and those of Prince William and Kate Middleton could potentially play a role in fostering peace between Princess Diana’s sons. “A lot of families go through these things… I don’t pretend to be close to the Sussexes at all but, from what I glean, it’s a ‘never say never’ situation,” he shared, suggesting that familial dynamics could evolve, and the younger generation might contribute to healing the rift between the two brothers.

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