Recent reports suggest that Prince Harry may have reservations about Meghan Markle’s potential return to acting, particularly in ‘intimate scenes’ for the upcoming Suits spin-off, for which she has reportedly secured substantial TV deals.

As rumors swirl about Meghan’s significant comeback, royal expert Tessa Dunlop shared insights into how the Duke of Sussex might react to seeing his wife in such roles again. Speaking to Mirror, Tessa Dunlop remarked, “Harry, for understandable reasons, would be worried about Meghan going back into Suits and appearing in love scenes as she has before.”

Dunlop acknowledged that Prince Harry has previously admitted finding it challenging to watch Meghan’s intimate scenes onscreen, as revealed in his memoir Spare, where he mentioned feeling ‘uncomfortable’ after watching some of her love scenes online.

The royal expert highlighted the human aspect of Prince Harry’s concerns, stating, “He’s only human and wouldn’t want to have to watch her in intimate scenes with other men.” The prospect of Meghan’s return to the acting scene, combined with her lucrative TV deals and massive brand, adds a layer of complexity to the situation.

Tessa Dunlop pointed out the uncertainty surrounding Harry’s role in this context and speculated that witnessing his wife in alluring roles on screen might pose a challenge for him. As the anticipation builds around Meghan Markle’s potential return to acting and the emotional dynamics within the royal couple, the intersection of personal boundaries, professional choices, and public personas comes into focus.

The complex blend of personal and professional considerations adds depth to the narrative, raising questions about how the couple navigates these challenges in the public eye.

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