Prince Harry(Sky News)

Prince Harry has decided to withdraw his libel claim against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, prompting discussions about who will cover the potential legal costs. The Duke of Sussex’s lawyer informed the High Court of the discontinuation of the case, which focused on an article alleging his PR aides attempted to manipulate a dispute with the Home Office.

Although the speculated £750,000 in legal costs is yet to be confirmed, a spokesperson for Prince Harry emphasized that his priority is the safety of his family rather than prolonging a court case that gives a platform to past false claims.

Addressing the situation on GB News, Royal Commentator Pandora Forsyth suggested that Prince Harry, being a wealthy individual, will need to cover any incurred costs. Forsyth acknowledged Prince Harry’s financial means, including his ownership of helicopters, and commented on the unexpected turn of events.

She noted that last year ended on a positive note for Prince Harry with a partial win against Mirror Group Newspapers, making the current development surprising. Forsyth also mentioned that Prince Harry has three other cases pending against different parties, and while this withdrawal may not be the start he envisioned for the year, there could be a strategic plan in place.

The discussion shifted to health concerns within the Royal Family, with King Charles and Princess Kate undergoing medical treatment for an enlarged prostate and planned abdominal surgery, respectively. As Prince William and Queen Camilla temporarily step back from engagements, Forsyth characterized the situation as the “worst-case scenario” for the Royal Family.

She highlighted the absence of senior royals like Anne, Edward, and Sophie, and raised questions about the roles of Eugenie and Beatrice. Despite the challenging circumstances, Forsyth suggested that the quieter time of year might be a considerate period for such developments.

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