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Tragic House Fire Claims Lives of Four Young Children Despite Neighbors’ Heroic Efforts

In a devastating incident, four young children, aged five, six, eight, and 12, lost their lives in a house fire that engulfed a two-family home in Somers, Connecticut, around 10:20 pm on Tuesday. Despite valiant attempts by neighbors using extinguishers, the intensity of the fire proved insurmountable.

First Selectman Tim Keeney revealed that some neighbors bravely tried to combat the flames with extinguishers, but the fire department Chief John Roache stated that ‘the volume of fire was just too great at that time.’ Firefighters, encountering fully engulfed conditions, had to break doors to gain entry to the duplex on Quality Avenue.

Eight people, including an adult and the four victims, lived on the side where the fire broke out. Three individuals, including an adult and two children, managed to survive. Firefighters located two children promptly upon entering, but tragically, one was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other succumbed at Johnson Memorial Hospital. Subsequently, the remaining two children were found lifeless in the home.

The fire chief commended the firefighters for their extraordinary efforts, navigating limited access and challenging conditions to conduct rescues. However, the fire claimed the lives of the four young victims. The entire front of the house was engulfed, making access difficult for the responding crews.

The duplex was a complete loss, though it appeared to have functional smoke detectors. The cause of the fire is under investigation, with no immediate signs of criminal activity. One firefighter sustained burns during the operation.

Surviving family members have requested donations to the Somers Angel Fund. This tragic incident follows a similar heartbreaking event in Brooklyn, New York, where a landlord allegedly set an apartment on fire due to unpaid rent, leading parents to toss their four children to neighbors for safety.”

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