(Picture: Facebook / Sarah Louise Piesse)

A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded as a two-year-old boy, Bronson Battersby, was discovered alone and deceased from starvation, curled up beside his father, Kenneth, 60, who had suffered a fatal heart attack. The heart-wrenching incident occurred in Skegness, Lincolnshire, where the father and son were found 14 days after they were last seen alive on Boxing Day.

Bronson’s mother, Sarah Piesse, 43, alleges that social services missed several opportunities to intervene and save the toddler. A social worker had attempted routine visits on January 2 and 4 but received no response. It wasn’t until January 9, five days later, that she managed to access the property with a key obtained from the landlord. Inside, she discovered both Kenneth and Bronson lifeless.

Initial post-mortem results revealed that Bronson succumbed to dehydration and starvation, while Kenneth’s cause of death was a heart attack. Miraculously, the family’s pet boxer dog, Skylar, survived but was severely emaciated and weakened.

Sarah contends that social services’ inaction played a crucial role in the tragic outcome. She last saw her son before Christmas and asserts that if the social worker had been more persistent on January 2, Bronson might still be alive.

Bronson was last seen alive on Boxing Day, waving at a neighbor who checked on him and his father. Kenneth, the father, had messaged a neighbor and a social worker on December 27, expressing gratitude for their concern. However, no one heard from him after that.

Friends of the family revealed that Bronson was found “curled up at Kenneth’s legs” and likely believed his father was merely asleep. The heartbreaking details suggest that Bronson may have attempted to wake his father, possibly screaming in the process.

Kenneth, unemployed with a pre-existing heart condition, had experienced severe jaundice in the months leading up to his death. Friends expressed concern that they knew Kenneth was unwell and that there was a risk of Bronson being left alone.

Sarah, devastated by the loss, shared her inability to hold Bronson during the identification process due to the fragility of his body.

A rapid review into the events surrounding Bronson’s death has been initiated by the county council. The involved social worker, though not suspended, is reportedly on voluntary leave. The Lincolnshire Police confirmed that the deaths are not treated as suspicious.

Heather Sandy, executive director for children’s services, expressed condolences, stating that a review is ongoing to understand the circumstances better. The family is receiving support during this tragic time.

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