(Picture: Nick Edwards)

A homeless asylum seeker, originally from Iran, has constructed a shed beneath Battersea Bridge near Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, fulfilling his desire to live close to water. Shahoo Amini, in his 40s, claims to have no plans to vacate his makeshift dwelling, expressing gratitude for the kindness of local residents who provide him with food and drink. Although his shelter is concealed from view, Amini has not been contacted by authorities responsible for the bridge’s upkeep.

Having arrived in the UK as an asylum seeker in 2013, Amini faced eviction from his flat in Victoria after a motorbike accident resulted in memory loss and job loss as a courier. Homeless, he utilized around £300 to construct the shed, lacking heating and relying on a hot water bottle for warmth.

Amini’s shelter, measuring 8ftx4ft, serves as a sleeping area, table, and storage space. Despite challenging circumstances, locals appreciate his tidiness and politeness.

Amini, who showers weekly at a local gym and uses nearby facilities, cooks elaborate meals on a portable stove and enjoys the Thames view from his makeshift windows. While no immediate eviction plans exist, authorities pledge outreach and support.

Transport for London collaborates with Kensington and Chelsea Council to address the situation, emphasizing the need for specialized assistance for rough sleepers. The council underscores its commitment to aiding individuals in securing benefits, housing, and tailored support services.

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