(Picture: RSPCA/SWNS)

Horrific Attack on American XL Bully Dog Occurs Hours Before Breed Ban Takes Effect

In a disturbing incident, an American XL Bully dog was set on fire just hours before the breed’s ban came into effect on New Year’s Eve. The dog was discovered in a London alleyway with severe burns on its front paws, a fractured skull, tied legs, and one ear sliced off.

The RSPCA responded to the scene in Carshalton on Saturday, one day before a new law in England and Wales included the breed in the Dangerous Dogs Act. Preliminary investigations suggested that the dog had escaped from a garden due to a fallen fence caused by weekend storms.

RSPCA inspector Harriet Daliday mentioned that it was unclear whether the dog had sustained its head injury from a vehicle collision or if it was a deliberate act. The dog’s legs being tied and the gruesome injuries, including being set on fire, were deeply concerning. The RSPCA is urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

XL Bullies have garnered attention due to recent attacks, prompting the government’s decision to include them in the Dangerous Dogs Act. The ban, effective from New Year’s Eve, prohibits breeding, selling, advertising, exchanging, abandoning, gifting, rehoming, or allowing XL Bully dogs to stray. From January 31, owning an XL Bully will be an offense unless registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs and compliant with specified requirements.

The incident adds to the ongoing debate surrounding the ban and raises concerns about the welfare of dogs affected by breed-specific legislation.

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