The tragic death of dad-to-be Adam Hurst has prompted a heartfelt apology from the hospital trust, acknowledging their failure to provide timely treatment for his rare hernia. Adam, a 31-year-old builder, was admitted to the ‘minor’ area of A&E, facing a 50-minute delay for assessment, and further setbacks occurred during a planned CT scan due to a fire alarm.

Subsequent findings revealed an undetected congenital diaphragmatic hernia and fluid in his stomach. Despite reaching the surgical ward for a pre-operative assessment, Adam suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away less than an hour later on December 8, 2018, told Stoke on Trent Live.

An internal NHS report exposed critical delays and inadequate pain management, leading to Adam’s avoidable death. His widow, Victoria, expressed ongoing difficulty in comprehending the swift decline after entering the hospital. Adam never had the chance to meet their daughter, born in February 2019, adding a layer of heartbreak.

Victoria is determined to raise awareness of Adam’s experience to prevent others from enduring similar suffering. The hospital trust, while issuing an apology, faces calls for learning crucial lessons to enhance patient safety. Amie Minns, a medical negligence lawyer, emphasized the importance of applying these lessons to prevent such devastating outcomes in the future.

The circumstances surrounding Adam’s death continue to profoundly impact his family, underscoring the need for improved healthcare practices and greater awareness of patient safety issues.

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