The frequency of toilet paper use may seem like an unusual indicator, but according to health experts, it can offer insights into the health of your bowels. Using toilet paper more than three times after a bowel movement may signal potential issues, and here’s why.

Pelvic floor expert Georgia Reupert from Australia explains on TikTok that the frequency of wiping is connected to the strength of the pelvic floor. If you find yourself wiping excessively, it could indicate that the sphincter is not strong enough or that incorrect pushing techniques are being used, leading to residual feces at the anus.

Reupert suggests a technique to improve this situation. By pushing at four different intensities – starting with low pressure (around 20 percent), progressing to 50 percent, then 80 percent, and finally using full force – you can help close the sphincter muscle and reduce the amount of stool left behind.

Furthermore, not all bowel movements look the same, and there’s even a scale for categorizing them—the Bristol Stool Shape Scale, published in 1997. This scale provides information about different stool shapes and their health implications.

Aiming for the middle of the scale, which represents an average bowel movement, is considered ideal. A healthy bowel movement should be sausage-like with a slightly cracked or smooth surface, indicating a well-balanced diet with sufficient fiber and fluids. Regular exercise also contributes to stimulating intestinal activity and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

In summary, your toilet paper habits and the appearance of your bowel movements can offer valuable clues about your overall health, according to experts.

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