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Robert Hardman’s latest royal biography, titled “Charles III: New King, New Court. The Inside Story,” sheds light on the recent years of royal life and could potentially deepen the isolation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal Family.

The biography reveals that the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s daughter being named Lilibet in June 2021 stirred controversy within the Firm, especially during the final months of Queen Elizabeth’s life. The book explores the outrage sparked within the royal circle, challenging the Sussexes’ claim that the Queen was supportive of their choice.

Among the seven significant revelations from the book, it is disclosed that the late Queen was reportedly angered by the use of her pet name, Lilibet, for the newborn. Despite the couple’s assurance that they sought the Queen’s blessing, conflicting reports emerged, suggesting she was not asked or felt unable to refuse.

In her last year of life, Queen Elizabeth faced “multiple medical conditions” but endeavored to create happy family memories during gatherings at Balmoral. Her final moments are detailed in the book, with private secretary Sir Edward Young describing her peaceful passing in her sleep.

The biography also delves into discussions among aides about the possibility of a Regency period before Queen Elizabeth’s death, as she became increasingly frail. Prince Charles was reportedly hesitant to explore the details, wary of tempting fate.

Additionally, the book explores the dynamic between King Charles and Queen Camilla, revealing their contrasting personalities. A lighthearted rivalry is highlighted, such as disagreements over the preferred temperature in their home.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, expressed concerns about breaking royal protocol during a visit to Balmoral, particularly in his interactions with Queen Camilla. However, the experience turned out positively, with Sunak praising the Queen for her sense of humor.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex navigate an uncertain 2024, Hardman’s biography provides intriguing insights into the intricacies of royal relationships and the challenges faced by the monarchy.

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