Jill Biden Was ‘Shocked’ to See Republicans Supporting Donald Trump Despite Indictments

There’s no denying that Donald Trump is neck-deep in his mounting legal woes ahead of the 2024 presidential elections. The former president’s several loyal staff members testified against him. Despite this, some Republicans have his back. The First Lady, Jill Biden, expressed her “shock” over why his party people still support him as if the justice system doesn’t matter.

They don’t care about the indictment, so that’s a little shocking, I think,” said Jill, referring to Trump’s dominance in the polls, reported AP News. The First Lady was on her first solo outing of the 2024 campaign in June 2023. She was surprised at how, despite being indicted, some Republicans would still vote for the GOP frontrunner.

Meanwhile, her husband, President Joe Biden, has remained tight-lipped ever since the Republican’s indictment was announced. However, he clarified the allegations of “interfering” in the cases. He said, “Never once, not one single time, have I [Biden] suggested to the Justice Department what they should do or not do,” despite Trump’s claims of them being a “witch hunt” against him.

While speaking to a small group of Democrats in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Jill shared that during her flight, a headline caught her attention, where a poll suggested a majority of Republicans would vote for Trump, who was at the time scheduled to appear in a Florida courtroom. 

The 72-year-old sent her message across to the Democratic donors to make a conscious choice between the “strong, steady leadership” of President Joe Biden and the “chaos and corruption, hatred, and division” of “MAGA Republicans.”

She also called Trump’s time in office from 2016 to 2020 “dark days” that “we cannot go back to” again in 2024. Jill continued, “We know what’s in store with the MAGA Republicans. We just know it, right?” Adding, “We know because we’ve lived it. We’ve seen it.” Although she didn’t mention the 77-year-old by name, it was obvious whom she was referring to. 

Apart from being the wife of President Biden, Jill is also a community college English professor. The First Lady was on her three-day fundraising trip, which she began in New York. She was then scheduled to travel to California, followed by (holding events in) San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Her trip essentially aimed at raising funds for the president’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state party committees at four political events. Jill has been active throughout, starting with her husband’s first run in 2020, and she’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him during the 2024 presidential bid. 

Jill was the one who encouraged Biden to run for re-election. A former senior Biden adviser said, “She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff are presenting strategy to her husband. She will ask questions,” adding, “But she never weighs in on the decision. She is always his final gut check,” the former senior adviser added. 

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