An Enraged Joe Biden Supporter Attacks Donald Trump Supporter in New Clip: “He’ll Be in Jail”

Before Donald Trump and Joe Biden could have had a face-off in the November elections, their supporters had already been embroiled in physical altercations. A new video clip surfaced on X, formerly Twitter, where a Biden fan swung at a female Trump defender while another one aggressively flipped a table owned by the Republican supporters in Philadephia. 

An X user named George, @BehizyTweets, reported the incident on the social media platform and captioned, “BREAKING: An enraged Biden supporter just swung at a female Trump supporter in Philadelphia Another one flipped a table owned by Trump supporters Yeah, these people are totally tolerant and normal.” 

The post garnered over 37K views, and a slew of comments from both sides (Republican and Democrats) took verbal potshots at each other. A Trump fan, @bbear111670, defended the bearers of the MAGA campaign: “Trump’s supporters are happy people who would like to make America great for their fellow Americans. Biden’s supporters are unhappy people.” 

A tech enthusiast, @AzharTheGreat, also weighed in on the situation that unfolded: “Wow, that situation sounds intense. It’s crucial to remember that political disagreements should never escalate to violence. It’s essential to engage in constructive discussions, understanding that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Let’s strive for peaceful interactions and seek common ground, even when we disagree.” 

every time this happens. What he did there is assault. He should be under arrest.” @Nuris01 echoed, “Hope he’s been arrested.” @Debra_S9called out, “Such a mean-spirited and intolerant person.” Meanwhile, @11Spooner11 contradicted them and recalled the Jan.6 Capitol Riots incident, “Yes the Capitol riot that led to death, injuries, and destruction over a lie Trump told was very tolerant and normal.” 

According to the latest survey, Biden and Trump are almost neck-to-neck going ahead for the November elections, with little points difference here and there. A May Harvard CAPS/Harris poll showed Trump leading his Democrat rival with five points, as per Forbes. 

Other May surveys show a much closer tie between them. Meanwhile, the Reuters/Ipsos poll left the voters divided over the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, with 44% of registered Democratic voters saying they disapprove of the way Biden is handling the issue—among those voters, 77% said they would vote for Biden, compared to 93% who said they approve of his response to the war.

The political rivals had been involved in multiple verbal battles, bragging about their own accomplishments and belittling each other’s efforts and intentions for the United States. However, experts caution the supporters of both presidential hopefuls not to read too much into their verbal spats as it could be dangerously misleading. S. Jay Olshansky, a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said, “We make mistakes.

The probability of slip-ups rises as we get older. That has nothing to do with judgment,” per Reuters. “Someone commenting on Trump turning right when he should have turned left? Big deal. Tripping? Join the club. A misspoken word? It happens to all of us. None of us would survive a 24/7 camera.” 

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