Judge Denies Trump a Mistrial After Stormy Daniels’ Testimony, Netizens Say ‘Too Bad, Tough Sh-T’

Stormy Daniels took the stand on Tuesday in the hush money trial involving former President Donald Trump. As prosecutors subpoenaed Daniels to testify, she provided a stunning narrative of her relationship with Trump. However, Judge Juan Merchan intervened multiple times, urging Daniels to keep her responses concise and less detailed.

According to Newsweek, the defense requested a mistrial based on the nature of her testimony (which was ultimately denied). But that did not stop netizens from expressing their opinions. 

One user said, “Breaking News: Donald Trump’s attorneys have just asked for a mistrial. They feel that Stormy Daniel’s testimony went too far. Essentially, saying that the bell can’t be unrung. Too bad. Tough sh-t. Stop having affairs with p*rnstars. And stop breaking the law.” Another user wrote, “How laughable that the defendant who cannot and will not shut up, now wants a mistrial because Stormy Daniels ‘said too much’… Donald Trump is reaping what he sowed. Donald Trump is GUILTY as SIN and would do anything to get out of this trial.”

A third user chimed, “Donald Trump’s attorneys asking for a mistrial because Stormy Daniels tells a tale of Donald Trump’s misfire.” Echoing similar sentiments, a user wrote, “I’ve decided to use the tactics of Trump’s attorneys in my own life. Students score too low on state testing? Demand a mistrial! Don’t like what the administration says in my evaluation? Demand a mistrial! Upset about my weight when I step on the scale? Demand a mistrial!” 

Meanwhile, Merchan upheld numerous objections from the defense, including one when Daniels delved too deep into the specifics of her intimate encounter with Trump. Additionally, Daniels raced through her testimony, leading Merchan and prosecutor Susan Hoffinger to repeatedly request that she slow down for the court reporters.

Following a lunch break, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, announced that the defense was seeking a mistrial based on Daniels’ testimony. Blanche contended that many of the details Daniels provided were irrelevant to the case and that her narrative differed from what she had previously stated in 2016.

Merchan rejected the motion of mistrial, but he acknowledged that certain details were best left unspoken; Daniels proved to be a challenging witness to manage.

Donald Trump’s attorneys asking for a mistrial bc Stormy Daniels tells a tale of Donald Trump’s misfire.

Throughout her testimony, Daniels displayed tense body language, and her tone underwent a noticeable shift as Trump’s attorney, Susan Necheles, tried to challenge her credibility.

Daniels responded to many questions with short, terse answers, firmly stating ‘false’ and ‘no’ while rejecting claims that she had fabricated details in her story or attempted to extort Trump. Meanwhile, Trump, present in court during Daniels’ testimony, has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records and has consistently denied the alleged affair, as reported by CNN.

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