Kate Middleton (Image: PA)

A doctor has sparked a social media row after claiming Princess Kate, who underwent abdominal surgery at The London Clinic on Tuesday, would have been sent home within a day if she had been treated on the NHS.

The health specialist sparked a social media row with his comment on X (formerly Twitter), saying: “Kate will stay in hospital for up to 14 days after her surgery. Meanwhile, in the NHS you have your surgery and are sent home 1-2 days later.”

Prolific X user @EmergMedDr, who’s said to be backing NHS strike action, was accused of trying to make a ‘political point’.  

Dr Mike, as he is known on social media, also said: “Discharged patients would also get a ‘photo of what wound infection looks like and maybe one wound dressing.”

The doctor’s remarks sparked reactions from Kate’s fans, with one saying: “A professional doctor, unaware of either the exact detail or nature of the Princess of Wales’s diagnosis, would not use the trauma of one patient to score childish and purely speculative political points about the treatment of others.”

Another blasted the professional, writing: “How irresponsible of you as a doctor to cast aspersions on a patient when you have no knowledge of what treatment and care she needs”, reported Daily Mail.

In reaction to the backlash, the doctor clarified his concern over the way the health service often discharges patients “when they would probably benefit from a longer stay”, adding: “Many people with serious illnesses and post-surgery are sent home too quick. I see them returning just hours later to the emergency department sometimes extremely unwell.”

However, Prince William’s wife Princess Kate is recovering in the hospital after planned abdominal surgery. It is understood that her condition is ‘non-cancerous’. But exact details have not been released by Kensington Palace, who announced the bombshell news yesterday.


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