It has been almost eight weeks since the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was last spotted in public, sparking various speculations and concerns about her whereabouts.

The last public appearance of the Princess of Wales was on Christmas Eve last year when she joined the rest of the royal family for a traditional walkabout in Sandringham, radiating elegance and grace. Expected to resume her royal duties after a brief New Year break, royal watchers grew increasingly concerned when Kensington Palace released an official statement on January 17, announcing the future Queen’s “planned” abdominal surgery at the London Clinic in Marylebone.

Kate spent a substantial two weeks in the hospital before being discharged at the end of last month. She is now undergoing the rest of her recovery at her residence in the Windsor estate, surrounded by her husband, Prince William, and their children.

According to information provided by royal author Richard Eden from the Daily Mail, Kate recently left Windsor, accompanied by Prince William and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. They embarked on a half-term vacation, choosing to spend time with the ailing King Charles and Queen Camilla in Sandringham.

Remarkably, throughout this entire period, the Duchess has managed to evade the public eye, avoiding any photographs despite the persistent scrutiny from the press since the initial report of her hospital admission. The absence of any visual documentation has fueled various speculations regarding the Duchess’s undisclosed activities and whereabouts.

A heightened level of curiosity surrounds Kate Middleton’s extended absence, prompting questions about the well-being and activities of her family members. Concerns have been raised about the lack of sightings of her parents, siblings, and children, especially during her hospital stay, where not a single family member was reported to have visited her.

Expressing skepticism, one royal watcher questioned, “Nobody has seen Kate Middleton in 44 days. But has anyone even seen her parents, siblings, or children lately? Certainly not one of them visited her at the hospital where she was supposed to be for 2 weeks. Something is VERY off here.”

Adding to the uncertainty, another observer emphasized the absence of photographic evidence, stating, “My question is, where is the picture? Something is fishy,” referencing the latest report from the Daily Mail about Kate’s reported visit to the King with her family. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Kate Middleton’s extended seclusion continue to captivate the public’s attention, prompting ongoing speculation and inquiry into the Duchess’s current situation.

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