Royal commentator Daniela Elser has expressed her belief that Princess Kate missed a significant opportunity to raise awareness about her medical condition, similar to King Charles, according to a report by Express.co.uk.

Elser, in an article for news.com.au, criticized the Princess of Wales for what she described as a mishandling of her hospital stay following a planned abdominal surgery at The London Clinic on January 16.

In her analysis, Elser pointed out the complexity of Kate’s medical situation, stating that “the abdomen starts with the liver and ends somewhere colonish,” highlighting the myriad potential reasons for the mother-of-three’s health issues.

Elser emphasized that Kate had squandered an “enormous opportunity” to make a substantial impact by raising awareness about her condition during the month, choosing not to take advantage of the platform she holds.

She contrasted this with King Charles, who had openly disclosed his enlarged prostate problem, prompting thousands of men to seek more information about the disease.

While acknowledging that Kate is making good progress in her recovery, as confirmed by Kensington Palace, Elser lamented the Princess’s decision not to use her position to educate the public about her medical journey.

The official statement from the palace, announcing Kate’s return home to Windsor, expressed gratitude to The London Clinic’s staff for their care and acknowledged the global well-wishes received by the Wales family. Despite this, Elser underscored the missed opportunity for Princess Kate to contribute significantly to medical awareness during her recent health challenge.

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