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Prince William reportedly feels hurt after his younger brother Prince Harry’s recent red carpet appearance with the Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, who had previously issued a stark warning to the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s surprise encounter with Holness reignited tensions, as the Jamaican PM had previously expressed intentions to sever ties with the monarchy.

A royal insider revealed that Harry’s decision to pose with Holness has deepened concerns for King Charles amid his ongoing health emergency. The King and Prince of Wales reportedly feel additional distress over the latest move by Harry and Meghan during this sensitive time, reported Daily Mail.

The insider remarked, “Harry has seemingly added salt to King Charles and Prince William’s wounds with his unwise decision to pose with the man who previously hurt William, Kate, and King Charles.” The Duke’s actions are seen as exacerbating the existing tensions within the royal family.

Despite the perceived discord, some royal historians and commentators believe that the US-based couple’s trip could potentially contribute to easing tensions between the royal family and Jamaicans. The visit might offer an opportunity for diplomatic reconciliation.

The history of strained relations between the UK and Jamaica was underscored during William and Kate’s Caribbean tour in 2022 when Holness informed them of Jamaica’s intention to become an independent, developed, and prosperous country after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. The island had initiated the process to remove the Queen as its head of state, aiming to transition to a republic.

Marlene, speaking to Sky News ahead of the King’s coronation, mentioned the possibility of an “urgent” referendum in 2024 to “sever ties” and remove Charles as Jamaica’s monarch. This move is framed as part of the country’s broader shift away from its colonial past and the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade.

The timing of Harry and Meghan’s appearance has faced criticism, particularly considering the current health challenges within the royal family. Prince Charles is preparing for hospital treatment for an enlarged prostate, and Kate remains in the hospital following a major surgery. The couple’s actions are viewed in the context of these health concerns, contributing to the complexity of the situation within the royal family.

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