Credit: AFP

King Charles and Princess Kate, both currently recuperating from recent medical procedures, have inadvertently placed additional strain on the remaining active members of the royal family, creating a challenging scenario, as outlined by GB News.

Notably, former royal correspondent Jennie Bond, speaking to OK!, articulated the complexities of the situation, stating, “This crisis has definitely highlighted how very thin on the ground working royals are now – and it’s only going to get worse until George, Charlotte, and Louis grow up.”

Bond emphasized the King’s longstanding commitment to streamlining the monarchy and suggested that the current predicament might prompt a reconsideration of this strategy. “The King has been resolute in his determination to slim down the monarchy, and the current situation will convince him to change tack. I think he’s right,” she opined.

Acknowledging the potential disappointment for charities and organizations due to postponed or canceled events, Bond expressed confidence in their understanding. However, she proposed a proactive approach for the Monarch, Prince William, and Princess Kate once she’s back to full health.

The suggestion is for them to “connect with charities via video link,” a move that, according to Bond, would not only “highlight the causes they support” but also “keep the Royal Family in the public eye.”

In essence, Bond’s perspective adds a layer of foresight to the current challenges, offering a strategic approach for the royal family to navigate their public engagements while managing the limited availability of working members during the recovery periods of King Charles and Princess Kate.

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