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King Charles is presently in the process of recovery following prostate surgery conducted in London last Thursday.

This health development adds to the recent news of Kate Middleton’s recovery from her own ‘planned abdominal surgery.’ The absence of Prince William, who has stepped back from royal duties to attend to his wife and children, is contributing to a perceived crisis in the already streamlined monarchy of Charles.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has highlighted the gravity of the situation, noting the thinning ranks of working royals and predicting that it will only intensify until Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis mature, she told OK! Magazine.

Bond acknowledges that while the current scenario may be challenging, it’s preferable from a public relations standpoint to be criticized for having too few royals rather than an excess. “The King has been resolute in his determination to slim down the monarchy, and the current situation will convince him to change tack.

I think he’s right,” Bond remarked, underscoring the need for strategic adjustments. She also expressed uncertainty about the Princess Royal’s already busy schedule but anticipated her potential efforts to accommodate more responsibilities.

Bond emphasized the likelihood of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh stepping in whenever possible to assist in lightening the workload. Additionally, she acknowledged the consistent willingness of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester to provide support to the monarchy. The evolving dynamics within the royal family, shaped by health concerns and shifting roles, underscore the challenges and adjustments faced by the House of Windsor.

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