King Charles raised concerns about his health as he made his first public appearance after leaving the hospital following prostate surgery. The 75-year-old monarch, who usually exudes strength, appeared noticeably weaker as he used his umbrella as a makeshift walking stick to attend Sunday service at the Church.

While some well-wishers celebrated his first steps post-surgery, others expressed worry about his weakened appearance during the stroll with Queen Camilla. Fans of the King took to social media, urging him to prioritize rest before resuming his royal duties. One concerned supporter pleaded, “Please take some more rest,” emphasizing the importance of his recovery.

Despite his usual practice of carrying an umbrella, this time it seemed more than a prop as he appeared to rely on it for support, indicating that his return to full health might take some time. The King’s outing occurred just days before the anniversary of his grandfather George VI’s death, a significant moment traditionally marked by the late Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham, reported OK!

George VI passed away on February 6, 1952, leading to Elizabeth ascending to the throne. Following her passing at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in September 2022, Charles assumed the role of monarch. In contrast, Prince William is gearing up to return to royal duties as his wife, Kate Middleton, continues to recover from planned abdominal surgery at her Adelaide Cottage home in Windsor.

Although making good progress, Kate has not been seen in public since her operation nearly three weeks ago and is expected to remain off royal duties for up to two more months. The juxtaposition of the King’s health concerns and Prince William’s impending return highlights the delicate balance within the royal family amid health challenges and recuperation periods.

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