King Charles reportedly declined to adjust his schedule to accommodate a longer meeting with his son, Prince Harry, who had flown from the US to the UK with the sole intention of seeing his father.

Contrary to initial reports indicating a 45-minute meeting between Prince Harry and King Charles, royal expert Lady Colin Campbell revealed that the actual duration of the encounter was a mere 12 minutes. The meeting took place at Clarence House, with Queen Camilla also present.

According to insights provided by royal expert Robert Jobson, King Charles believed that the allotted time was sufficient for exchanging greetings, including a kiss and a hug, and conveying good wishes to Prince Harry. Jobson explained that the royal family adheres to a strict schedule, and changes to plans, such as accommodating a longer meeting, are not preferred. The logistics involved, such as the arrival of a helicopter pilot, contribute to the adherence to a precise timetable.

Jobson shared with The Sun, “The royals do stick to a pretty military clock,” and added, “You have to get the helicopter pilot there, all these things. So his plans had to be changed.” The expert emphasized that King Charles likely wanted to avoid unnecessary drama, and the brief meeting was deemed sufficient for the purpose.

Jobson speculated that the fact of Prince Harry flying over might create the impression that King Charles’s condition is more severe than it may be. He suggested that people might interpret Harry’s travel as an indication of a serious situation, saying, “I think a lot of people will be sitting there thinking, ‘Oh, well, it must be bad, because he’s on the plane.’”

The dynamics surrounding the brief meeting and the perceived severity of King Charles’s condition raise questions about the family dynamics and the extent to which the royal family discloses health-related information. The careful management of public perception becomes crucial, especially in situations where brief encounters may be interpreted differently by the media and the public.

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